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Commercial and Residential

General Construction

At Accessgc, we undertake various genres of construction projects. As we commence working on a project we do not only build rather we develop, create a design as well as renovate or remodel an old construction. We have involved rather say have diversified ourselves in various genres of work related to general construction.

Building Restoration

Are you witnessing a problem with your residential or commercial building? If the case so gives us a call we are ready to help you in restoring your building.


We cater to scaffolding services as well. If you are intending to opt for any kind of construction work. We can help with our expert scaffolding services.

Home Additions

We can assist you with your house additions or extensions. When it comes to your abode we take special care and attention. What kind of home additions you want? Accessgc can help you. Whether it is basement addition, adding a garage, extending your room, adding a storey or anything else our experts can help you to do so.

Remodeling Kitchens and Bathrooms

When it comes to remodeling or redesigning your bathroom we can provide you customized service. Our team of professionals works according to your requirements and plan. From bathroom and kitchen tiles, showers to kitchen cabinets we take precise care of every item. We customize each model or plan as per our client’s requirements.

Stucco and Plaster

Either it is stucco service or plaster service we can assist you in every possible manner. Our expert team caters customized stucco and plaster service for both the interior as well as the exterior part of a building. To know in details call us.

Painting Interior and Exterior

Color can add a splash in your life. Hence, while painting your house or commercial space you need to be a bit careful. Choose the right color so that it can add brightness to your room. But while painting your building be a bit cautious. We provide expert interior and exterior painting services.


We provide our clients with unique flooring options. Be it your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or even store or office floors our team can deliver you with some awesome choices. Our professionals strive hard to deliver the best result.

Drywall and Structure

So you need a longlasting and durable wall? If you need one then we have the solution for it. Our lightweight and durable drywall can provide you the right solution. The drywalls we provide are strong and robust. It’s durable enough to and can last till the lifetime of a building.

Foundation Repair

We help to repair the base or foundation of your house. If you are facing any difficulty with the foundation of your house then do give us a call. We will be happy to help you always.

Mold Remediation

Molds are good for the environment. It helps mankind in several manners. But it is not at all good for your home or office. It can affect construction badly. Hence, if you’re facing such an issue contact us for mold remediation services.

Impact Windows

We deliver high quality impact windows. The frames and the glasses can provide perfect protection to your house.

Entrance Doors

The front door or entrance door is very essential or crucial for your house. Whether you want a metal, wood or even fiberglass door we can provide you. We have the perfect entrance door solutions for you. We not only provide the door but also install the same for your benefit.

Garage Doors

We provide a complete garage door solutions for you. From installing a new one to fixing problems our experts are well versed in garage door related services.